General Information

NOTE: This was current as of 2011. Some policies and information may have changed.

The HVYC offers a wonderful music program to its singers.  Weekly rehearsals and concerts prepared by a professional choral staff are supplemented by professional voice coaching, rhythmic movement and choreography. The HVYC program which follows the school year has an active performance schedule, up to 15 to 20 times a year. Repertoire appropriate to the age and needs of the singers is chosen from a variety of musical periods and styles.

Regular Rehearsals:

  1. Rehearsal Times: Rehearsals are on Tuesdays at Holy Cross Episcopal Church throughout the concert season. Most of the time, Cantabile Singers (grades 3, 4 & 5) rehearse separately from Singing Ambassadors (grades 6, 7 & 8 ) with Cantabile Singers rehearsing from 4:30-5:15pm and Singing Ambassadors rehearsing from 5:30-6:30pm. However, in preparation for concerts, the groups will need to rehearse together. Families are asked to keep the entire rehearsal time (4:30pm to 6:30pm) free on their child’s calendar so they will be available for these combined rehearsals.
  2. Starting Time: Be seated in the pews 5 to 10 minutes BEFORE the rehearsal begins.
  3. Late Arrivals: Children arriving late should wait until a pause in rehearsal to sit down.
  4. Repeated Tardiness: Singers arriving late shorten the rehearsal time for everyone and lower the overall performance level of the Chorale. Families are urged to show respect for the musical directors and other singers by arriving on time.
  5. Absences: If a rehearsal absence is necessary (illness, family emergency or school function), report the absence by phone or e-mail prior to the rehearsal. Families who do not contact HVYC prior to the absence will be contacted to make sure that everything is okay and that assistance from HVYC staff is not needed.
  6. Attendance records are kept. Singers are notified when their membership is in jeopardy because of repeated unexcused absences.
  7. Permission to leave early or arrive late must be granted by the Artistic Director.
  8. Food and Drink: Do not bring food to rehearsals. Water is allowed in bottle clearly marked with child’s name.
  9. Use of bathroom: Arrive in ample time to use the facilities before rehearsal begins.
Drop-Off Policy: Parents should escort their child into the building for each rehearsal or concert and sign in the child with Youth Chorale staff before leaving.

Pick-Up Policy: Every parent must come into the building to sign their child out at the end of a rehearsal or concert. Children are not allowed to wait outside for their ride! Parents involved in car pools should

Observing Rehearsals: Parents may observe rehearsals at the discretion of the music director. Parents observing a rehearsal should sit quietly in the back pews of the church. Please do not enter the balcony. Under no circumstances should siblings be left unaccompanied during a rehearsal.


  1. Snow Days: If schools are cancelled or it begins to snow during the day, families are notified by the HVYC Alertify System of rehearsal or event cancellations. School cancellations do not automatically cancel a HVYC rehearsal. If roads are safe at the time of the rehearsal, it will be held as scheduled.
  2. Emergency Cancellations or sudden changes: The Alertify System will also be used to notify the membership of any other vital information when necessary.
Dress Rehearsal: Dress rehearsal is the last full rehearsal before a concert. Attendance is critical. Music is practiced in the order it will be performed. It is the last chance to practice solos, entrances and exits, lining up and singing with accompaniment.

  1. Singers who must miss a dress rehearsal are not allowed to sing in a concert without special permission from the music director.
  2. Soloists who cannot be at dress rehearsal must understand that their solo will be given to another singer who will sing the solo in the concert.
  3. Singers do not wear costumes to dress rehearsal unless specifically asked to so do.
Performances: All members of the HVYC are expected to participate in all performances. It is impossible to know the complete concert schedule at the beginning of the year since invitations to perform are received throughout the year. Parents are notified of upcoming concerts as soon as they are confirmed. If there is a conflict, please notify a Board Member or the Artistic Director immediately.

Concert and Dress Rehearsal absences: It is expected that every child will sing in every performance. When impossible to do so, parents must notify the musical director a reasonable time before the concert. It is not appropriate to tell the musical staff at the rehearsal before a concert that a child will not be there unless there is a medical or family emergency. If a family knows well in advance that their child needs to miss a performance, they should tell the musical staff immediately. Absent singers have a negative impact on the rest of the children. The sooner the staff knows, the more time they have to make the necessary changes.

Concert Tickets: The HVYC depends on ticket sales to support its program. Therefore, it sells tickets to our own members as well as the public for our home concerts. For home concerts (concerts produced by the HVYC) the board of directors sets the ticket price and the money raised through ticket sales is used to sustain the HVYC program. When the Chorale performs for other organizations, we are subject to that group’s ticket prices and sales policies.

Concert Photography: The HVYC has a policy of no photography (still or video) during a concert at which people have paid admission. The Chorale provides photo-ops for parents at the end of major performances. Photography at free events is fine but please respect other audience members and the safety of the singers. The Chorale welcomes copies of good photos. Please give them to the Artistic Director.

Singing Ambassadors Voice Class: All 6th, 7th and 8th grade singers will be offered professional voice instruction as part of rehearsal time.

Communication: The HVYC website and Alertify are the main avenue of dispersing information to parents. Schedules, updates, changes, special needs, concert and rehearsal information will be posted on the website. Alertify will be used, as necessary for important reminders before events. Families without Internet access should make arrangements with the HVYC Board President to receive information.

Questions and Concerns: Questions and concerns should be addressed to the musical staff by email or when they are not actively involved with the children. Questions may also be addressed to the Board President.